Av. Pte. Dr. Arturo Illia 2201

CP: 1754 - San Justo - Buenos Aires. Argentina

(5411) 4651-2489 / (5411) 4484-9302


About us

Since 1966, manufacturing quality.

Radire S.R.L. has an industrial plant in San Justo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since 1966 Radire S.R.L. has provided top-level and quality stampings. We specialize in stamping flat round washers, special washers, standard washers and a full range of washers in ferrous, non-ferrous and insulating materials; shaped stamped pieces on specific designs, metallic terminals for electrical contacts and mechanic seals for engine blocks. Secondary processes such as zinc plating, heat-treating and a multitude of other treatments are readily available.

Radire S.R.L. policy is based on quality as the main concept for accomplishing evolution in business and commercial relationships satisfying our client´s need.

We have very suitable personnel and a continuous monitoring and control system which allows us to feedback quickly to our objectives and our clients, assisting them in each consult and ensuring the full satisfaction of the clients´ requirements.

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